Radio Spots

Whether it's a simple single voice spot or a sound effect laden multi-voice spot with a hard driving, attention grabbing music bed, we have the production tools and expertise to make your radio advertising cut through the clutter and get results. Our audio quality is second to none and our engineers are dedicated to working with you to get it right and make you happy.

TV spots

You need to post a TV spot? No problem. Our non-linear editors provide many of the same features found in the top video houses. Just let us know what your audio-for-video needs are. We'll more than meet them and save you money in the process.

Custom Music

We've been providing custom music tracks for national, regional and local clients for over twenty years now. No matter where you are in the USA you've probably heard many of our jingles, film scores, corporate themes and custom needle-drop cuts. Get one of our demos and you'll see why advertisers everywhere say we're the absolute best in custom music production.

Long Form Audio

When you're producing an audio-visual presentation you need a voice talent who can hold your target market's attention and keep them motivated. Many of our voice-over talents specialize in long form audio. From corporate motivation to highly technical informational presentations, our voices can meet your needs and get the job done quickly and efficiently.


As with AV productions, books-on-tape require talents with special skills. Great acting ability. Character interpretation. And, the ability to mimic and cover any regional or national accent required. Our voice talents will make your next book-on-tape project come alive and transport the listener to wherever your book wants to take them.

On-Hold Messaging

If your company wants to make a great first impression with potential clients you need a great on hold message service. Dull, repetitive messages with banal voice talents translate to frustrated customers and lost revenue. Let us show you how to capture and hold your customers on line and provide them with meaningful, engaging on hold service.

Audio content for the Web

Whether you need voice-over, custom music or special effect audio for your web site we can provide it in the exact format you'll need and make it easy for you to implement. PC or MAC. Static or streaming. Our engineers can get your web audio up and running in no time.

Audio Forensics

If you've got problems with existing audio tracks, let us fix them. Using the latest in audio forensic software and hardware we'll analyze your audio, determine exactly what the problems are and, in most cases, correct them. Keeping up with the latest changes in forensic technology is challenging but it's the only way to provide you with the best in total audio service.

Anything Audio

No matter what you need in the way of audio production we have the studios, the engineers and the tools required to provide it for you. Check out our rates and you'll see why folks everywhere say "GIMME THE WORKS!"

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